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Choosing the Right LED Work Lights for Your Vehicle Or Heavy-duty Equipment
Construction sites can be dangerous, high-risk places, especially in poor weather conditions and nighttime, the risks increase significantly. To increase visibility, construction sites require reliable, heavy-duty work lights. These high-intensity, effective LED work lights can mean a great deal between safety and danger. When driving off paved or on gravel surfaces, due to the absence of street lights and being at the mercy of unpredictable terrain, high-intensity LED work lights for off-roading are also a must-have. Here at OGA LED, as a wholesale LED work light manufacturer, we offer an incredible range of wholesale LED work lights, explore some of the best automotive LED work light down below right now!

OGA Street Legal LED Work Lights
Our 3012 series street legal 3-inch LED work lights are incredibly bright, reliable and versatile. In this series, two types are SAE/DOT approval lights, one being SAE auxiliary driving lights, and the other one being SAE auxiliary fog lights, both are 3-inch cube pod lights. If you’re an off-road enthusiast, and after refitting your off-road vehicle, you still want that vehicle capable of legal use on road, these lights are perfect for you. They’re extremely compact, you can easily mount them at tons of places, and with our vehicle-specific fog light mounting bracket, you can replace the factory fog lights with these lights. For off-road use, the 3012 series also offer two high-intensity beam patterns, the wide flood lights and the hyper-spot lights.

OGA Economic Work Lights
Illuminate your work zone with the best cheap LED work lights. OGA Economic Work Lights provide the kind of steady, intense power that will turn night into day. You can find different types of work lights from our A1, B1, A5 series, including mini pod bar lights, mini 3-inch round spot lights, round 3-inch and 4-inch flood work lights. Yellow lens is available for specific models. All economic work lights feature a weatherproof design and stainless mounting kits. They’re cheap but good enough for a wide range of applications, while still maintaining a high level of brightness.

OGA 140W 10000LM Heavy-duty LED Work Lights
Our 3015 series of 9-inch round LED work Lights are featuring one high-quality automotive-grade 20W OSRAM KW LED chip and twenty-four 5W OSRAM P8 LED chips around it, durable aluminum construction with pin-fin heat sink design at its back, and a transparent PC lens, these work lights are just perfect for a wide range of applications. From off-roading vehicles, work trucks to heavy equipment, trust our 3015 series LED work lights to help you finish the job.

OGA Wide Flood LED Work Lights
Designed with an adjustable stainless pole mount and a 90-degree or 110-degree light beam pattern, the OGA Wide Flood LED Work Lights provide tons of power and illumination. It’s guaranteed to light up any construction sites. If a wide-angle flood LED work light is your goal, then OGA Wide Flood LED Work Light is a fantastic option!

OGA Mini Pod Bar Lights
Don’t let the thin design fool you — our line of OGA Mini Pod Bar Lights is super bright and perfect for off-road vehicles, work trucks and more! OGA Mini Pod Bar Lights are designed with white and amber lights, a durable aluminum housing, and a polycarbonate PC lens. And they’re even IP67 rated!

Safety is always the number one goal, with the best set of LED work lights, you can ensure the right amount of visibility for your night-time driving on and off roads or for your construction site so that you can focus on the work. For more information about our wholesale LED automotive work lights, leave us a message! More

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