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Can one be pulled over because of a LED off-road light? Yes, that's mostly because adding extra lamps to a vehicle for off-road use does not mean one can use these lights on local roadways as they can potentially blind oncoming drivers and cause accidents.

Does it mean all off-road lights need to be covered? The use of off-road LED lights on the street is illegal in most countries, but that doesn't mean all of the additional lights need to be covered. There are currently only a few places like California has regulations addressing that off-road lamps must be covered. But failure to comply with the local safety regulations can result in hefty fines nonetheless. Thus, to ensure maximum compliance, making sure one has a cover for all mounted additional LED off-road lights and using those covers whenever traveling on public roadways is the best way to go.

Using an off-road light cover is the easiest way to stay on the right side of the law. Even if the off-road light is accidentally turned on, a cover ensures it wouldn't compromise safety. In short, a light cover is an excellent insurance against future tickets. Not only that, but off-road light covers offer stylish looks to the vehicle. Check out some of our off-road light covers down below.

How to choose an off-road LED light cover? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing a light cover.

Light covers are supposed to safeguard your auxiliary lights while at the same time keeping them looking cool. It's possible to buy an off-road light cover to add extra stylishness to the ride.

Off-road vehicles are designed to drive over rocks and all kinds of rough ground that are literally off the concrete streets and paved roads. Thus, the light cover reserved for city driving isn't as rugged or tough as a thicker, scratch-resistant off-road light cover that can take pelting from tire-tearing rocks, paint-chipping plants, and glass-cracking stones like a tank.

Always go for extra thick light covers, because the best guards are capable of withstanding the impact of thrown stones or minor collisions. Searching specifically for off-road light covers composed of heavy-duty materials like the highest-grade clear plastic or PC. One would want an extra tough covering for the off-road van, Jeep, SUV, UTV, or ATV that can take rugged handling from rocky or dirt roads.

Besides proving protection purposes, there are light covers that can change the lighting color of your auxiliary driving lights. This also requires superior scratch resistance because even if the cover can shield the light, if it gets too scratched up or cracked, its transparency will be affected and the lighting intensity of the LED off-road lights will be compromised. A cover can also be designed to change the original beam pattern that comes from the off-road light. For example, we've developed covers for TR1 pod light which can change the spot beam into a combo beam to illuminate a wider range on the road.

When purchasing off-road light covers online, always search for specs on the product page. To be more specific, go for a polycarbonate product with a clear or colored case that can snap directly on the vehicle's LED lights, for example. These light covers can come in transparent, amber or black. Black covers protect drivers from law enforcement that has issues with the off-road lights. Clear covers with a pattern ensure a perfect translation of the light beam pattern. Amber lenses assist in helping us see through the dustiest of roads and bad weather. More

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