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You have decided to buy LED flood lights for trucks, but the number of different types of automotive LED flood lights is overwhelming. You learn that you should pay close attention to the product specification, and you also know that the bulbs of LED flood lights are the most essential that can make or break the deal. And you’ve also learned that some of the most common bulbs you’ll find in flood work lights are LEDs and incandescent halogens. Which one is a better match for a flood work light? And what are their cons and pros?

LED Flood Work Light:
Long life span.
Require multiple diodes to be bright.
More durable.
Less heat emission.

Halogen Flood Work Light:
Short life span.
Super brightness regardless of the number of bulbs.
Break easily.
High heat emission.

When it comes to flood work lights, LEDs are often considered the better choice. That’s because they are considered the next generation and have a lot of advantages. And so, for the most part, LED lights are considered to be a better choice when it comes to flood work lights, but that doesn’t make them perfect when compared to halogens. While they are the most cost-effective and energy-effective choice, we can’t ignore the fact that they need a lot of LED chips to get the light as powerful as that given by halogens, and so, they’re more expensive. And that’s the reason why we decide to produce the economic work lights, they’re the best cost-effective LED flood lights.

The Best Economic LED Flood Lights
These 4-inch round hyper flood work lights provide 110 degrees wide flood beam pattern, an incredible coverage unmatched by anything else that’s currently on the market. This beam is not only wide but also incredibly smooth, which provides excellent clarity. And so they’re the ideal automotive LED flood light for agricultural and mining vehicles, for camping, off-roading, etc. They’re a durable build that adopts the full solid aluminum housing and a hardened outer PC lens. The mounting bracket that comes with them is stainless can avoid the problems of rust and corrosion. And with the IP67 waterproof rating, they can be used under rough circumstances.

One of The Most Professional LED Flood Light Manufacturers
As one of the best LED flood lights suppliers, manufacturers, we have rich experience in producing high-quality LED flood work lights for trucks. If you want to start your business as a LED flood light wholesaler and distributor, we will support you with the best quality product and best service. Over the years, we have built an automotive LED flood lights production team, contact us today and we’ll share our experience as an automotive LED lighting manufacturer and together we’ll find the best solution for you to increase sales. More

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