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If you want to go off-roading at night, the stock lights of your vehicle probably are not powerful enough for you to have the ample lighting you needed. And so, you should at least upgrade your factory fog lights to OEM LED fog lights, or whatever lights you want to replace or retrofit that have lumens near 6k. And you need to be aware that go off-roading time after time will massively reduce the performance of your stock lights. If you are an extreme 4x4 off-roading enthusiast, the exterior lighting system of your vehicle could have taken a lot of damage already. It could happen because of the dirt and water kicked up from the tires that stuck with the exterior lighting system and you did not do the regular maintenance or maybe you just maintain your vehicle the wrong way after off-roading. And if you do not replace the factory lights on time, you either go off-roading too carefully which is not the off-roading experience you would want, or you need to drive around with those damaged or dim lights. Those damaged or dim lights not only look bad but also are a big safety hazard for you and other drivers on the road. The best way to ensure you have the best visibility while driving is to refit your vehicle with better custom automotive lights or OEM LED lights.

OGA LED offers the best aftermarket Toyota fog lighting parts and accessories. We are dedicated to supplying automotive custom lighting solutions that increase visibility for our customers on or off road. All of our aftermarket solutions are LED, and we feel LEDs are the future of vehicle lighting because they last longer and create a much better illumination. They cause a low drain on power and are very easy to install with a quick plug-and-play installation. We have a huge selection of LED off-road lighting, mounts and more! You will be hard-pressed to find more wholesale lighting products for these cars ANYWHERE else! Please browse our official website, and contact us if you have any questions! Wholesale plug-and-play OEM universal LED fog lights, Toyota fog lights and Jeep Wrangler fog lights are available.

In addition to the fog lights, you should also take the time to enhance other aspects of the lighting setup of your vehicle if you are planning on off-roading at night. The exact lighting setup that you choose for your vehicle will depend largely on personal preference. Examples of beneficial lighting enhancements for Jeep Wrangler are going off-roading day or night using daytime running lights. Aside from making your vehicle more visible to other drivers, motorists, other people on the road on bikes or on foot have a better chance of spotting you coming when using DRLs. Reaction time increases which can be a key factor in avoiding collisions. European Union considers the use of DRLs critical to road safety. Functionality aside, LED DRLs may also enhance the appearance of your car. OGA LED allows you to have a wide variety of options to customize the form of your light display, no matter if it is the Jeep Wrangler JL, Jeep Wrangler JK 2016-2017 or the Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2015.

As one of the professional automotive lighting suppliers, our off-road LED lighting also includes off-road LED light bars and off-road LED work light pods. Need a recommendation on parts for the retrofit project of your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today! More

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