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Brightest LED Light Bar
Now and then doing one's research on LED products can be a bit daunting. At OGA LED, we make things simple and user-friendly. Our customer service is prepared to reply to any questions you may have at a moment's notice. OGA LED is well aware that new LED light bar buyers at the beginning always find the market flooded with cheap LED light bars or some manufacturers offering wallet-busting prices. However, OGA LED serves all of your LED Lighting needs, and at the same time provides high-performance, high-quality LED light bars on the market at an incredibly competitive price.

3W vs 6W vs 10W
At OGA LED, we choose the luminosity that works best for your vehicle or other application by specifying product dimension and LED power. Our LED light bars come with either 3W LEDs or 6W OSRAM LEDs.
Luminosity is proportional to LED wattage. And so, a 6W LED is about half as bright as a 10W LED. However, light bar current draw is much more efficient by using higher wattage LEDs.

Osram LED
Osram has been making lighting products for over one hundred years, it's recognized for high-end and efficiency. We believe the adoption of Osram LED chips in our light bars, round LED lights and light pods can offer a safer and impressive driving experience for our customers.

Double vs Single Row
Those 3W LEDs or 6W Osram LEDs we used on every OGA LED double row LED light bar and Single row LED light bar can be used for up to 5000 hours. And there're two different beam patterns you’ll be able to choose from, combo for straight bar and spot for a curved bar.

The Other Great Features
Just as essential as brightness, durability, reliability, efficient overall performance plus meaningful guarantees and warranties are also important proportional to the quality of a LED light bar.
One of the international requirements measures a light bar is its potential to face up to rain, snow, dust, and submersion. OGA LED products have achieved the rating possible of IP67.
Besides high-end LEDs, OGA LED also uses rugged circuitry, torture-proof aluminum enclosures, and compact, integrated heat sinks. Lenses are shatterproof polycarbonate. And we supply OGA LED products with two years of warranty.

If you love to have the first-rate wholeslae LED light bar made, long-lasting performance, and a reasonable price. At OGA LED, you’ll find all three of these attributes.
Talk now with our knowledgeable LED light bar sales at 0086 135-6015-6476 or e-mail them at [email protected] to talk about LED light bars, pods, or work lights. More

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