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When a vehicle hits the road, there are a lot of requirements about the LED forward lighting: the vehicle not only needs to have good automotive lighting, but at the same time, it cannot be too bright to avoid blinding the oncoming traffic. Below is something a driver should pay attention to when considering using OEM LED forward lighting:
1. Keep the lens of the forward lights clean all the time, especially when driving in rainy or snowy weather, dirt will reduce the lighting performance of the forward lighting by 50%.
2. When two cars meet at night and their distance is within 150 meters, both drivers should turn off the high beam lights and switch to the low beam lights to ensure driving safety.
3. After replacing the forward lighting or after 10,000-kilometer driving, drivers should check and adjust the beam pattern to ensure the performance of the forward lighting.

Forward lighting is an integral part of both the visibility and safety of the driver. And since the forward lighting technology has progressed vigorously over the years, OGA always tries to stay at the forefront of automotive lighting trends, and we deliver forward lighting that achieves the perfect balance between functionality and brand-indicating design. We optimized by following the requirements and needs of our customers as well. As a major part of the forward lighting, the main purpose of the fog lights is to light up both edges of the road, immediate foreground and lane markings. Fog lights produce a low and wide beam of light to increase the illumination directed towards the road surface.

Fog can cause some of the most dangerous driving conditions. If the fog lights are not functioning properly, they should be replaced as fast as possible. Retiring factory fog lights is perhaps one of the popular upgrades to say goodbye to the dim stock fog lights that can't handle the density of thick clouds of mist. We want to believe that everyone is a conscious driver, so safety is the primary thing to be considered when it comes to getting lights for the vehicle. High-quality OEM LED fog lights offered by OGA can be installed easily whether it's a new installation or a replacement. The OEM fog lights available in a huge selection offered by OGA are so easy to be installed because they are made specifically for the model, make and year of the vehicle. OGA's OEM LED forward lighting delivers a level of fit and perfectness that you simply cannot find with the universal OEM fog light kits sold on the internet. Welcome to contact the OGA team to get more info about super bright and powerful OEM dual-color fog lights. The replacement fog lights offered by us are made with only the highest quality materials that will meet or even exceed the OEM requirements for performance. Whichever LED forward lighting is the choice, people are going to love our service and our products every time. More

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