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With two rows of the brightest LED chips, OGA wholesale dual row LED light bars offer twice the lumen flux for motorists who are serious about lighting up the trails ahead of them.

Constructed of the finest materials available, these double row LED light bars are made to last and represent top-of-the-line automotive lighting manufacturing. If you want to put some dual-row LED light bars on your vehicle, including UTVs, with a light bar that will turn heads and illuminate the road ahead for years to come, this article will be a great chance for you to learn what to choose from.

At OGA LED, we design our dual LED light bars with the brightest available LEDs, allowing people to pack twice the lumens of a standard single-row LED light bar. Besides the lighting power and durability, the dual-row LED light bar is going to look super cool with two beaming rows of lights sitting on top of your vehicle.

All of the above makes our dual row LED light bars a more popular choice for off-road lovers looking for a dual-row LED light bar that will effectively turn heads and illuminate the road just as if it's daylight.

The light bars are made to be suitable on a variety of vehicles with two mounting options. They include UTV LED light bars, ATV LED light bars, as well as plenty of light bars made for mounting on trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles. Purchase one of these dual-row LED light bars and you’ll be making your vehicles look cooler, with these durable accessories on your vehicle that will make your on-road and off-road adventures safer and funnier.

Our 49 Series 6W Dual Row LED Light Bars are one of our best performing series, and it's easy to see why. These off-road LED bars feature 6W Osram optics which is high-wattage and so, by using higher wattage LEDs, the light bar current draw is much more efficient. And let's don't forget Osram is regarded as the best LED chip manufacturer in the world. Also, the optimized optical design eliminates any internal loss of light and ensures all light generated by the LED chip is projected outward, which substantially increases the efficiency and overall light output of the dual row LED light bar.

The optimized optical design focuses on the light and provides an extremely tight light pattern. These 49 Series 6W dual row LED light bars also reduce light losses due to refraction. Additionally, they are IP67 rated meaning they can face up to rain, snow, dust, and submersion. The optimized heat dissipation balances internal and external pressure and moisture content to help to further increase overall seal longevity, highest light efficiency, reduction of possible internal condensation, and a balanced weight compared to the old fashion design.

We also have the 49 LED Series curved light bars if you are looking for a curved profile or adding light to the sides. You'll find the perfect one to add to your vehicle today at

We offer the 49 Series Dual Row Light Bars in a variety of sizes. See our size chart in their product description to determine the best fit for your arrangement.

49 Series Dual Row LED Light Bar Features:
Sizes include 12'', 20'', 30'', 40'', 50'', straight or curved, 12'' only available on straight light bar
Combine light pattern by using Hyper-spot lenses for extreme far light throw and flood lenses for lighting up close
Waterproof - IP67 Rating
Aluminum Housing
Instant On/Off - no warm-up needed
2 Years of Manufacturer Warranty

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