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Your vehicles’ factory stock headlights may be adequate on the paved roads at moderate speeds, especially when there’re streetlights and they happen to be turned on and functional. But if you were thrown in a poorly lit place in the middle of nowhere, or even the weather happens to be a little bad, then you’ll find your factory stock headlight is extremely lacking. Now, what can you do about that? Refit your vehicles with aftermarket LED driving lights.

Are These LED Driving Lights Legal?
Different states have their own regulations, but running none DOT-approved lights on any road of the road system is illegal everywhere in the US. In some states, simply driving around with refitted LED driving lights uncovered, even if they’re not turned on, does not comply with the regulations, so make sure to check out your own state’s transportation laws. However, aftermarket LED driving lights, regardless of they have been certificated or not, are legal to use off-roading. If you do refit your car with these LED driving lights, remember to only turn them on when you need them, and be polite to turn them off as soon as possible when there’re oncoming drivers.

OGA Street-legal LED Driving Light Wholesale
The white lights that these OGA street-legal LED driving lights produced are the closest possible imitation of the sunlight, they’re your best choice if you’re an off-road enthusiast and you want your refitted vehicle capable of daily legal use on the paved roads. OGA 3012 street-legal LED driving lights are designed to meet these specific demanding requirements throughout the world. We’re one of the very few automotive LED light manufacturers capable of producing these SAE/DOT compliant work light, if you’re interested in bulk purchase from us, leave us a message.

Why choosing OGA Street-legal Series 3” Cube Pod Lights
- SAE J581 auxiliary high beam led pods and SAE J583 auxiliary fog beam led pods are available in this series. With the same appearance, off-road wide flood beam lights and off-road hyper spot beam lights are also available.
- We use automotive-grade Osram 5W KW LED chips for auxiliary high beam, fog beam and hyper spot beam, and Osram 5W P8 chips for wide flood beam.
- We use advanced TIR projector optics (which consist of a refractive lens inside a reflector, capture and redirect more light emitted from an LED than a conventional optic, such as a parabolic reflector) to adopt a more precise beam. We choose the highest grade optical PC material with longer-lasting clarity than PMMA.
- Compact design comes with much smaller dimensions, which can be installed in more places. We use durable aluminum alloy housing and with dimensions being small, it’s way lighter than 3” work lights from other brands. Outer hardened flat PC lens is scratch-resistant and they’re able to avoid the accumulation of dirt. A breather valve is added on the back of the 3012 series pod light to make it breathable and expel water vapor, avoiding the moisture issue inside the lens.
- Flush mount pods and round mount pods are optional, they can be fitted behind your factory stock grille, inside the bumper, you can even install them in the factory fog light position by using the vehicle-specific brackets. More

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