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MT20 Series Off-Road Dual Color Motorcycle Light: 4 Lights and 6 Lights Kit

Date:2024-06-21  Source:OGA
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In recent times, the popularity of electric and gas-powered motorcycles has surged, catering to urban commuting and off-road adventures. However, riders often find factory-installed headlights lacking in brightness and range, especially at night. This safety concern is compounded by the absence of headlights in some models. To improve nighttime visibility, riders often upgrade to LED bulbs or add auxiliary LED lights. The latter is preferred for its significant brightness enhancement and extended illumination range. Under these circumstances, our OGA team has developed the MT20 Series Motorcycle Lights, offering wholesalers exceptional products at competitive prices.
With the efforts of a strong R&D team, the OGA team developed 4 versions of the MT20 Off-Road Dual Color Motorcycle Light to meet the different needs of customers for different application scenarios. Today, we want to show you 2 versions—the 4-light kit version and the 6-light kit version.
Off-Road Auxiliary Lights
Curious to learn more? Explore the comprehensive introduction provided below.

1. Comparing Single Motorcycle Lights with Motorcycle Light Kits

The single motorcycle light version is linked to the original headlight's power supply and operated through the original Hi/Lo switch. It offers two beam patterns: yellow low beam and a combination of yellow low beam and white high beam.
The motorcycle light kit version is battery-connected, facilitating convenient switching of beam patterns through the utilization of a wiring harness with a switch panel. This setup offers three distinct beam patterns: yellow low beam, white high beam, and a combination of yellow low beam and white high beam.
Motorcycle Style Auxiliary Lights

2. Features of 4-Light Kit and 6-Light Kit

(1) Compact Size but High Brightness

The MT20 series off-road motorcycle light boasts a compact 2” design, yet delivers an impressive power output of 20W and 1500LM per light, ensuring safe nighttime driving. Additionally, its 2” design allows for easy fitting onto 0.75” to 1.25” bar clamps, enabling versatile mounting options anywhere you desire. It can be equipped for various off-road applications, including motorcycles, UTVs, and ATVs. Four or six 2” high-powered lights, included as one kit, provide enhanced visibility in foggy, rainy, snowy, or low-light conditions.

(2) Light Beam Pattern and Illuminance

The perfect combination of a high-transmittance glass lens and high-intensity LED chip creates a more powerful light output and higher lux data.
The MT20 series off-road motorcycle light, available in both 4-light and 6-light kits, offers versatile functionality. Three switchable beam patterns, yellow backlit, and 5 strobe modes are in one light. Three constant-on beams encompass yellow low beam, white high beam, and yellow low beam plus white high beam. The 5 strobe modes include burst strobe mode 1, quick strobe, slow strobe, burst strobe mode 2, and burst strobe mode 3.
Multi Function Auxiliary Lights

(3) Standard Features

The MT20 series off-road motorcycle light is outfitted with a glass lens, guaranteeing a light transmittance of over 92%. In contrast to PC and PMMA lenses found on the market, the glass lens provides superior resistance to high temperatures and boasts higher light transmittance.
The lights are accompanied by two available brackets: the bottom bracket and the bar clamp bracket. The aluminum outer housing is equipped with installation holes in four directions, facilitating increased flexibility during installation.
Moreover, durable waterproof connectors are utilized, delivering outstanding sealing performance and ensuring a longer lifetime.
That’s all for the introduction of the MT20 Off-Road Dual Color Motorcycle Light 4 Lights and 6 Lights Kit. If you need more information, please contact us directly on our website. We welcome all professional motorcycle lighting wholesalers from all over the world to contact us for cooperation.


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