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What do we do after the sun goes down? We stop working, right? Yes and no, many construction sites operate all hours of the day, and when it comes to the graveyard shift, two things would be needed: vigilance and a great set of LED work lights. We assume you have already got the first, and if you’re looking for the second, let’s help you turn night into day. OGA offers a 2-year manufacturer's warranty for high power LED Work Lights with high power output, ultra brightness and high vibration resistance. They’re designed to meet the demanding vibration levels of both heavy equipment and small machines in a wide range of applications. These construction vehicle work lights offer a reliable, stable wide-angle flood light, and so the well-lit work areas increase not only safety but also the performance of the operator. These lights can be retrofitted to older machines to fit your operating budget as well.

Heavy Equipment LED Lights
Construction sites can be one of the most dangerous places, the poor visibility would be caused by the blowing dust and the situation would be disastrous if heavy machinery comes across any error operation Although there’s no single solution to all problems, we can still avoid some of the dangers by raising awareness of potential hazards. For example, installing a great set of heavy equipment LED lights could massively increase the visibility of a construction site, thereby increasing the overall safety. The future is built by the hands of these construction workers, so, we should protect the future with a set of heavy duty LED work lights for your construction heavy equipment and trucks.

Excavator LED Work Lights
To make sure the operator can clearly see in every direction while operating at nighttime, oftentimes there will be several OGA LED flood lights being mounted on the back of that excavator. It would be much more effective to use a pair of heavy-duty work flood lights from OGA, these heavy-duty work flood lights produce much more lumens than the factory halogen lights. And so if you have any types of this heavy equipment such as an excavator, a tractor, etc, be sure to get a pair of heavy-duty work lights from OGA LED.

Work Lights for Forestry
Logging in a dense forest can be very dangerous, OGA LED makes a line of LED work lamps that project exactly the light pattern you need for these kinds of works. Wide flood LED lights can easily light up the whole worksite. They’re compact, durable, can be easily mounted on the positions your equipment best performed. As a bonus, compared to other lighting technologies, OGA LED lamps project a much more precise and much brighter light – day or night.

These 140W high-power LED lights are great for a variety of DC 9-36 volts heavy equipment & vehicles like pick-up trucks, tractors and etc. They’re also ideal for off-road use as a work light, fog light and auxiliary backup light, be sure to get your wholesale LED work lights from OGA LED. More

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