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What Does the IP67 Rating Mean?

Date:2024-06-07  Source:OGA
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When looking for a product that is well protected against water and dust, you may want to consider an IP-rated system. The most typical IP rating on the market is IP67. To help you better understand IP ratings and find products that match your application needs, this blog will take IP67 as an example and provide a more in-depth understanding from four aspects: the definition of IP67, the importance of IP67, fields that use IP67 products, and precautions.

The Definition of IP67

The waterproof rating IP67 is a standard of protection set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to describe the equipment's ability to protect against solid objects and liquids. These ratings are represented by two digits, with the first number indicating the level of protection against solid objects (such as dust) and the second number indicating the level of protection against liquids (mainly water).
The image below provides a detailed explanation of the two levels of protection against dust and water.
Ingress Protection Rating
Ingress Protection Rating
From the above tables, it can be concluded that 6 for IP67 represents the dust protection level that can be achieved: completely preventing foreign objects and dust from entering.
And 7 means resistance to immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

Why IP67 Ratings Are Increasingly Important

Nowadays, as global climate change continues to intensify, the phenomenon of extreme severe weather is becoming increasingly frequent. Extreme weather such as typhoons, heatwaves, and floods are becoming more common around the world. These weather conditions undoubtedly bring severe challenges to electronic products.
For example, in hot weather, the internal temperature of electronic products continues to rise, and some products with poor sealing may allow heat and moisture to penetrate, causing component failure and performance degradation.
Car lights have to face severe rainfall and wind while driving. If the product fails to reach an effective protection level, rainwater may seep into the interior, and dust may accumulate over time, resulting in short circuits and other circuit problems, affecting the product's service life and safety. Therefore, in the consumer electronics industry, sealing testing has received more and more attention, and IP67 sealing testing has become an important indicator to detect whether a product's sealing is adequate.

Applications of IP67 Rating

Communication Industry: Because the shell of communication equipment is usually exposed to the natural environment, if the waterproof level is insufficient, moisture can enter the inside of the equipment and cause damage. Examples include fiber optic switches and base station equipment.

Home Appliance Industry: The waterproof level of home appliances directly affects product quality and user experience. For instance, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners need to have corresponding waterproof levels to prevent internal components from being corroded by water molecules, thus affecting the product's service life.

Industrial Field: In the industrial sector, much equipment is located in very harsh environments, requiring certain waterproof and dustproof levels. Examples include sensors, cameras, and monitoring equipment.

Automotive Exterior Lighting: Car lights are always exposed to the external environment and extreme weather conditions, including dust, fog, rain, snow, and mud. Long-term exposure to these elements can affect the brightness and range of the car lights, impacting driving safety. A dustproof and waterproof system can alleviate these issues and extend the car lights' service life.

About Our Product

To provide customers with higher quality products and exceed their expectations, our products comply with IP67 standards, ensuring optimal performance and maximizing customer satisfaction.
For example, the 54 series dual color half convex reflector light bar:
Automotive LED Light Bar
54 Series Main Features:
  • 54 series slim light bars come in 6 sizes and 2 lighting types.
  • Sleek screw-less design, resistant to corrosion.
  • Available in white & amber dual color in one light bar.
  • IP67, protected from dust and water ingress.
Auto Dual Color Light Bar

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