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Picture this, you‘re on your way home, driving, it’s dark, and the road ahead is blanketed with snow. Forget to see the road lines, because you're too busy to stay out of the ditch! You try to open the windscreen wiper, and it starts snowing even hard, the high beams on presents you with a dizzying wall of white. Switching to low beam, it’s a little better, leaving you with a depressing yellow tunnel with factory fog lights that are not very helpful at all. An all-too-common problem in the winter.

For you to handle this, we’re excited to show you our new street-legal LED lights. We have been receiving positive reviews from our dealers on their performance, people love the compact led cube light design and the benefit that comes with it.

These OGA's street-legal quality-based LED lights also meet SAE and DOT on-road standards. This allows our clients to increase visibility, clarity at night without the possibility of blinding oncoming traffic. OGA street-legal LED lights are available in a variety of sizes, housings, and beam patterns, mainly driving and fog. OGA’s products are backed by our commitment to use the best source materials, manufacturing processes and provide the best customer service in the automotive lighting manufacturing industry.

Refitting your vehicles with our new street-legal LED lightscube pod lights (SAE auxiliary driving beam), cube pod lights (SAE auxiliary fog beam). These three inches cube pod lights have a high-end design compared to generic off-road. Since they have a super compact design, they’re the ideal fitment behind your original factory grille, the flush mount is available to be installed inside the bumper, vehicle-specific brackets are also available to install in the factory fog light position. Normally, a 3” 3012 Series LED work light, custom-designed brackets, and a wiring harness are the basic parts for simple installation.

Our 3” LED work lights provide street-legal output as driving or fog lights (check the transportation laws of the state you lived in for applicability). Control with your factory fog light or high beam switch using the included toggle switch on the OGA wiring harness.
Equip your vehicles for any adventure with an exciting set of OGA SAE driving lights. Packed with 4 brilliant 5W Osram KW automotive-grade LEDs, each of these OGA LED driving lights delivers 849-1307 lumens of bright white light. DOT-compliant and SAE-certified, these innovative OGA LED DOT driving lights produce a driving beam pattern with enough width to fully illuminate your road ahead at high speeds at night. OGA LED Lights are constructed to withstand the test of lifespan with a durable aluminum alloy housing and an outer hardened flat PC lens.
With a compact 3' design, this OGA LED Light mounts easily in an original equipment position and delivers a maximum light output without taking up much space. OGA SAE Approved LED Pod Lights can be sold by piece or by kit with wiring harness and other specific brackets together and are backed by 2 years Lifetime Warranty. More

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