Driving at night and in inclement weather on the road can be challenging, however, at least you will normally have the benefit of the street lights that are occasionally functional, as well as the lights from other cars to help keep you continuously be on track. Yet off-roading across the wasteland or down a wooded path at night time is far more dangerous, because without the moon and stars on a clear night, the only illumination you have is the light that you had carry with you. And those lights better be bright enough to keep you out of danger and strong enough to withstand the abuse. For the brightest illumination that you can count on, you need to check out our latest LED light bars.

Some of the most exciting moment we have had in a UTV or an ATV has been happened during an epic night time ride. Whether it’s in the dunes or on a mountainous trail, most of the time you don’t know what obstacles could be on the way that gets your coronary heart beating and excitement level up! However, if you decide to go into nighttime or a low-light environment ride without using the right lighting equipment, your ride experience might be too memorable and even a little too risky.

Why Choose OGA LED Light Bar
Have a Better Vision at Night Time
Adding more lights to your setup is more than just increasing the illumination. In fact, the most essential thing is the type of light you add. The covered illuminated surface area depends on the shape and dimension of those LED lights. Wholesale LED light bars are extraordinarily popular because they provide various types and different sizes that work for different vehicles, different propose, and different driving conditions.

A good setup with off-road LED lights is a versatile one. This is why many people flip to modular solutions that allow them to set up unique accessories in different areas of the vehicle. The heavy duty light bars can be used for many applications, which include off-road driving, daytime running, or some fog lights on trucks, ATVs, or UTVs as nicely as for work lighting, industrial lighting and tractor lighting. Light bars match into this category since they can mount onto numerous different attachments like the front grille guards and roof racks, as well as smaller off-road cars like ATVs and UTVs. Beyond using them on off-roading propose, you can also use them as LED work lights if necessary.

Half Convex Frame Driving Light Bars
One of the most obvious elements from our wholesale LED light bars is that they are all thin LED light bars/slim LED light bars with no screws on the front frame. They're the complete line of LED light bars that establish low-profile with the screwless front frame, among these LED light bars, half convex frame driving light bars to stand out because we have the optics reflector redesign to unique 1/2 convex reflector for driving beam.
Each half convex driving light bar has a polycarbonate lens and a shock-resistant aluminum housing with an integral LED cooling heat sink. The water-resistant light bars are powder coated for rust resistance. More

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