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When fog blankets the surroundings, it is impossible to see what is up ahead, everything blends right into the mist. And if a driver is behind the wheel of a vehicle under this circumstance, it can feel impossible to drive forward. Vehicles right ahead and street lights could disappear easily, and it is very dangerous if the obstacles ahead cannot be seen. Fog makes driving significantly more challenging and as a result, more dangerous. But there is always a solution: a set of LED fog lights. Energy efficient with just the right amount of brightness to break through the fog, LED fog lights are designed to help drivers see better in foggy conditions.

OGA offers a wide range of fog light assembly kits that are perfect for replacing and upgrading the OEM fog lights for mainstream vehicle models in the market. Whether it is to keep the stock OEM look with OEM LED conversion kit or upgrade to a modern LED fog lamp set up, we will have the kit to fit the different needs and preferences for the market.

Fog lamps provide styling and function at night, but most cars and trucks still have halogen units. While LED bulb replacements are an excellent upgrade, another simple upgrade solution is the entire LED-powered assembly housing, which provides the amazing output and beam pattern, with a sharp cutoff and wide field of view, along with a modern LED appearance. We offer LED fog lamps for many vehicles like Toyota, Jeep, Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Renault, etc., stay tuned for more applications. We offer vehicle-specific custom fog lights with a variety of desirable features, including projector beams, LEDs, and lenses in different shades, which provide increased illumination and eye-catching looks. Projector fog lights deliver a sharper, more focused and directed light beam than a parabolic reflector, so you can see better. LED fog lights not only supply light that is superior to incandescent halogen bulbs, but they are also vibration resistant and have a much longer lifespan.

Here at OGA, we are pleased to offer our customers only the best in automotive lighting and automotive accessories. Aiming to put the finest lights in your hands we collaborate with the most preeminent, customer-oriented automotive LED light distributors committed to offering supreme quality and unsurpassed value in each of our components. So, once bulk purchasing at OGA, you can be sure to get the products you'll be fully satisfied with. More

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