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Your Guide to Amber LED Mini Light Bar
Today, a police car has a three-color flashing light atop its roof, but before these emergency vehicle lights came along, police officers have to rely on the decals and official-looking hats to identify themselves. Now you know why people start to use amber lighting, but the desert racing is what truly drives the mini amber LED light bar industry forwards.

The desert racers need amber lighting for them to be able to see and race in the wide desert through the blowing dust. Especially when there’s a vehicle in front of you and you’re in its dust, there will be no visibility at all. Standard light bars are useless in situations like this because when dust particles are in the air, the white light will literally only light up the dust but not the sounding, making it nearly impossible to see through. As long as your LED work lights or LED light bars project white light, no matter how expensive they are, they’re useless in situations like this. The only solution is to cut through the sounding and light up the road instead of lighting up the dust. That’s when amber LED Mini Pod Bar Lights come into play, they can penetrate through dust, snow, fog, rain, or any other similar low visibility conditions. This is simply due to how amber light behaves when it reflects off objects.

Amber LED mini light bars have their own disadvantages, one being they have fewer lumens than a standard light bar. And so, where to install these lights are also going to affect their performance significantly. They should be mounted beneath the mirror of your vehicle, like the cowl and bumper. Mounting these amber light bars low will stop everything from being lighted up in front of the windshield for you to be able to easily see through. And that’s why a thoughtful amber led mini light bar manufacturer like us offers a flush mount option.

So basically, the amber LED light bar servers two main functions on and off road:
You should have the common sense to be aware that there’s a vehicle at work when you see an amber LED pod bar light turned on. Most of you have been taught in the course of your driving training to understand amber lighting should be associate with road maintenance, construction trucks at work, accidents and other non-emergency or emergency vehicles.
Amber mini LED light bars also make vehicles more visible to other drivers, which helps improve the overall safety and it’s kind of nice to have the extra protection for non-emergency construction and maintenance vehicles working on busy roadways or in dark areas. And most importantly, the amber lights can penetrate through dust, snow, rain and other similar low visibility conditions.

Interestingly, amber light can penetrate through dust and snow more effectively than white light. The amber lights could also be so helpful to an off-road truck. We suggest you look into getting amber mini LED pod bar lights if you’re going to start driving more at night and you want to ensure you’re able to see the vehicle in front of you on dusty roads. More

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