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Since many UTVs normally don't come with any mirror by default, for many off-road enthusiasts, a pair of good mirrors might be the most used accessory they will ever throw on their UTV. One thing drivers are sure to miss once they start driving a UTV without mirrors is being able to see what is behind them, it's simply second nature that we use the side mirrors for situational awareness when we're driving down the road. Whether it is off-road trail riding with friends, or even out on the racetrack, a quick, easy and clear vision of what's behind can be ever so useful. Even if the UTVs are sticking to the trails, a quality set of side view mirrors is still an essential accessory. Imagine eliminating 95 percent of the times you have to turn around in your seat or stick your head out the side for a quick look, those who sat on the passenger seat will definitely thank you tenfold for the side mirrors' investment. With UTV popularity currently going through the roof, there are different kinds of mirrors available, some are more expensive but rich with features such as additional lighting. If you're looking for the absolute best side mirrors on the market or just the best on a budget, we've got you covered.

OGA LED has released off-road R8 side mirrors with LED lights that not only allow drivers to see what's behind but also illuminate the road ahead. These lighted mirrors are an advanced LED lighting solution with a fully adjustable side mirror all in one. The lights offer an impressive amount of light in the spot beam, featuring two 10.5W 6,000K LEDs and two 3W amber LEDs, they have the premium lux data, reaching up to [email protected](white+amber mode), which can reduce the blind spot of night vision and improve driving safety. For even more versatility, the built-in amber LEDs can be used as an emergency strobe mode. The high-clarity mirrors themselves offer better visibility of the road behind.

Die-cast all-aluminum alloy housing and brackets, our LED side mirror is more corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. These mirrors have also come up with a new clamp design that allows mounting to tubing in 1.6', 1.75', 1.875' and 2' diameter. It means our R8 side mirrors with lights can fit all vehicles with the mentioned-size roll bars, not just a specific UTV model. These UTV mirrors are also built with a 360-degree adjustable bracket to provide a variety of angles of view.

The mirror lights come fully equipped with everything needed for installation, including mounting hardware, along with a harness with rocker switch, fuse and controller to operate four different modes of the lights, super easy to install without any cutting or splicing. More

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