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The pod light kits with the specific fog light brackets can be direct replacements for the factory fog lights. We have designed, developed and produced specific brackets that can fit vehicles of Jeep Wrangler JK, JL, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Suzuki and Toyota. We are also developing other fog light brackets that fit Ford, Ram and Subaru, etc. Please provide a specific year, make and model, OGA team is happy to offer useful information about the fog light kits and brackets.

How am I supposed to mount your auxiliary SAE J583 fog beam pod lights on my vehicle? This is one of the most asked questions our sales team receives every day, and the reason being, obviously nobody wants to receive their deliveries and find out that they are not going to fit in the location they want, and they are going to cost a fortune to send back, the whole process is time-consuming as well. And so, we designed vehicle-specific mounting brankets that perfectly fit the exact year, make and model of fog lights on the vehicles. We did this so that you can rest assured the LED lighting products you ordered from us are going to fit right in your car perfectly.

We offer fog light upgrade kits on tons of vehicles! This is one of our most popular kits as it keeps a factory look while still able to output tons of lumens. The greatest thing about refitting fog lights is that you can use your fog lights frequently, because they are mounted low in the bumper, and the number of lumens they outputting is just enough and will not blind the oncoming traffic. You must adjust the angle of the LED light mounting brackets to make sure the aftermarket fog lights will not hit the mirrors or windshield of the oncoming traffic.

How do we mount a universal LED fog lights?
First, remove the front bumper of your vehicle.
Second, you should be able to see the existing vehicle fog light opening now, and that is where you want to mount your LED fog light. You may find there is not enough support in the opening to fully support the OEM fog lights, and so that is when support beams and fog light mounting brackets come into play.
Third, use the included hardware and brackets to mount through the existing vehicle fog light opening or under the bumper. It should be easy for you to mount them in these locations. If you are planning to replace the factory fog light, traditionally, you need to mount some support beams and vehicle-specific brackets to mount the universal fit LED fog lights. In which, experienced LED lighting manufacturer like OGA LED, we already merge those two parts into one, we called it 'auxiliary fog light bracket'. After you finish mounting universal fog lights, tape the wires to the power source, then enjoy your new sets of OEM fog lights.

Custom mount your 3 LED light pods. This bracket kit is designed for use with our OGA LED Street legal LED light pods, allowing you to directly replace your factory fog light. Thanks to these vehicle-specific/custom-molded brackets, the street-legal 3-inch SAE LED light pods can be installed on your vehicle easily and in short minutes. And we have all kinds of wire adapters to connect the lights to your factory bulb sockets, H11, 9005, 9006, 5202, PSX24 wire adapters are available, so no additional wiring is needed! More

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