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Roads are poorly lit in the middle of the night. And so, it makes sense to add or refit a lot more lumens to help light up the trail. Otherwise, you’ll have to use your rather weak factory lights to stumble around in the dark.

Most people only think of enormous LED light bars when it comes to refitting the lighting of their vehicle. Oftentimes, when you turn on one of your super-bright white light bars in inclement weather, like snow, fog, dust, or other rather adverse situation. Instead of projecting forward, the white light might just reflect straight back into your eyes. That’s because, in inclement conditions, white light causes a lot of glare. And that’s not what you want because they actually reduce visibility.

And that’s when lights like OGA LED’s SAE select yellow fog lights come to place. We use 4000K ZES cube pods with yellow PC lenses as perfect fog lights. The yellow beams from the 3012 series street legal 3 inch SAE led fog lights pods significantly reduce glare, improve contrast and enhance definition. It allows you to see way better in bad conditions. The 3012 series fog lights are also SAE/DOT compliant, which means they’re legal for use on the street. This’s going to be a great advantage because while you having that great beam pattern, at the same time, you don’t have to worry about blinding other coming drivers or getting pull over.

Refit your factory fog lights with our 3012 series extremely wide-angle fog light kit with special brackets! Featuring a much precise beam pattern than any other 3” LED pod light on the market, these LED light pods have been designed to reach their maximum potential. Four variations of beam patterns are optional, SAE certified J581 auxiliary high beam, SAE certified J583 auxiliary fog beam, wide flood and hyper spot beam. Advanced TIR projector optics with automotive-grade high-intensity OSRAM chips and compact dimensions with the slim front frame is carefully designed by OGA automotive lighting, with versatile mounting options, our street legal SAE 3' pods can be easily mounted in tons of positions on or in your vehicles.

Much Focused.
General optics like reflectors or simple lenses lose the light that the LED chips produce internally and cause glare, and so not all of the light projects straight onto the target. Instead, the custom-engineered TIR optic in the 3012 series, all of the light from the pod lights directly project on only where you need it, tremendously reducing glare and enhancing total productivity. Click here to learn more: 3012 series street legal 3-inch SAE led fog lights pods. Thanks to this unique feature, when coupled with high-intensity LED chips, the total intensity of the 3012 series is far better than the other LED light pods using basic optics or reflectors.

SAE Compliant.
All four beam pattern options of the 3012 Series were designed with optical simulation modeling to reach the outstanding output. Auxiliary SAE fog light requires a greatly wide field of view. OGA 3012 Series yellow cube pods would be a great choice to replace the factory fog lamps. More

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