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What Is a Wire Harness Connector?
Plug and socket connector is oftentimes made up of one male plug contact and one female receptacle socket contact. The socket often refers to the female connector that is more fixed, while the plug is usually referred to as the male contact that is the movable connector of the pair.

If you are looking for more light output and a pair of OGA 3012 series LED pod fog lights to replace the factory fog lights of your vehicles, you could choose the corresponding DT wire adapter. If you want to connect LED pod fog lights without cutting or splicing, you will be needing a plug-and-play solution and every possible needed wiring adapter that can convert from a DT 2-pin connector to factory H1/H11/9005/9006/5202/PSX24 bulb harness. Our wiring adapters will allow you to seamlessly connect your factory fog light wiring to any set of OGA street-legal round pod lights. All you need to do is simply plug in your factory bulb connector to our wire adapter, and then to the DT connectors found on the lights. These wiring adapters make the conversion an easy and effective way for installation. Remember to check with local laws to determine if this modification is legal in your state.

Features And Benefits:
OGA H1/H11/9005/9006/5202/PSX24 socket to DT plug;
An OEM waterproof DT connector with high-quality copper wiring is all you need, do not settle for anything else, there is no need for cutting and splicing;
We have different types of DT adapters that convert from factory H1/H11/9005/9006/5202/PSX24 bulb connectors to DT 2-pin connector, compatible with most LED pod lights and LED light bars in the market;
The wire adapters not only work with OGA LED lighting products but also work with most aftermarket LED cube lights that utilize DT connections;
Easy installation, it is just a plug and play connection, no special tools are required, no modification is needed, and it is also good for heavy-duty use.

How Do You Protect Your Automotive DT Connectors?
It is critical to have the right fog light wiring adapter for the job, same with any other automotive electrical circuit. While the wire harness connectors are responsible for connecting various circuits, systems, and applications, items such as wire and heat shrink tubing are what enable the current to flow through your circuit and protect your wire from damaging environmental factors like fuels, dust, water, moisture, chemicals and more.
It is important to have the right parts to safely connect individual wires when refitting your vehicles. OGA LED offers different types of DT connectors and wiring harnesses that automotive and equipment lighting require. Welcome to browse our product details pages detailing each aspect of the wiring converter below so that you can pick the right one for the job. More

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