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When one needs responsible for a construction site, safety always should be the first thing that comes to one's mind. Amount all the factors that could greatly impact the overall safety, lighting plays a big role, especially at night shift, which is also known as the graveyard shift. And so, construction sites need the best lighting as they can be, one of the best ways to ensure safety and efficiency on construction sites is through ample lighting. Below are some simple tips for you to choose your lighting for construction sites.

LEDs are a go-to item when it comes to lighting for construction sites. They are extremely high-intensity in terms of lumen output and energy consumption. And they also operate at a much lower temperature than the traditional light bulbs, which can avoid the risk of lead to burns.

Make sure to get the product ratings you needed. It is very important that you get the lighting that is manufactured to withstand certain amounts of extreme situations. That being said, you should check the rating of the lighting products to see if they can hold up to the rough and rugged environments, what is more, products should be waterproof, vapor tight, dustproof, and they can last without taking on damage.

Shop for a trusted brand and with great quality. You want the lighting made with strong materials, lenses that are shatterproof, polycarbonate that is extra hardened and scratch-resist; Die-casting aluminum housing for extra protection of the lights; and other signifiers of great quality manufacturing.

The lighting used in construction sites can generally fall into two categories, portable and nonportable. A great example of nonportable construction site lights are light towers, roadway luminaires and high mast lights, they typically consist of a group of lighting components at the top that can rotate 360 degrees from a very high place in order to cover the lighting demand of a large area. As for the portable construction lights, there are balloon lights, stand lights and automotive LED lights. They are oftentimes adjustable to varying positions and to help with mobility on the work sites as needed.

Our company, OGA LED has released several round LED work lights that can put in the construction sites lighting category. These round LED work lights have heavy-duty, vibration-resistant mounts and two mounting bolts to keep their aim straight. Unlike a lot of standards LED work lights on the market, OGA not only offers wholesale LED work lights with vibration resistance on off-roading grade for trucks, SUVs, ATVs and UTV, But also suitable for excavators, feller buncher, mining, and agricultural equipment and more. These 3-inch and 4-inch LED work lights emit from 900 to 3,900 raw lumens of white illumination, and are available in spot or combo beam pattern. They are also designed to last longer than halogen bulbs. Each LED work light has a hardened polycarbonate lens and a shock-resistant aluminum housing with an integral LED-cooling heat sink. These IP67 waterproof lights are also powder coated for rust resistance. They operate within a wide 9-36V DC range.

Have questions about off-road, agricultural or construction site lighting? Can not find the right worksite lights you need for your job site? Want advice on lighting solutions? Leave us a message now! More

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