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Off-Road Side Mirror Lights
The OGA UTV mirror kit is possibly one of the best upgrades to make for the side-by-side UTVs or any off-road vehicle. Putting off-road LED lights in side mirrors is an incredible way to increase visibility in all directions. This makes the trails safer for drivers and fellow drivers. This all-in-one mirror system that OGA LED has come up with helps drivers keep an eye on the front, sides, and back with barely a twitch of their head. These universal UTV side mirrors with lights also push to the limits and work on Jeeps, ATVs, and any off-road machine with 1.6, 1.75, 1.875 or 2 inches roll bars.

See Back to Front
A set of OGA LED off-road side mirrors is a double-dose of nighttime vision. They're fitted with integrated LED auxiliary lights that are made for driving light. We use the spot beam pattern to assist with driving as well as seeing through the fog in amber spot mode. The bright 6000K color temperature glow, which almost perfectly matches natural daylight, advanced projector optics technology allows the light to go exactly where you aim it. With four lighting modes optional: white, amber, white+amber and amber strobe modes, which will undoubtedly enhance the driving experience in any difficult situation. The LED lights also help alert others to your presence, reducing the chances of a late-night collision. On the opposite side are UTV mirrors that provide a crystal clear view of what's coming up from behind.

As for how they enhance nighttime performance, the R8 series LED mirror system delivers practical style, safety and performance to UTVs. OGA LED has created a premium mirror system with integrated LED lights to keep driving safe from front to rear, keep an eye on the road behind with high-quality mirrors, and push UTVs to the next level. With 1821 LUMENS of premium LED light carefully designed to provide a perfectly aimed light. The R8 side mirrors are built with integrated adjustable brackets which will fold up when hitting a tree or an obstacle. There is no better UTV accessory that will help off-road enthusiasts go fast and stay safe.

Customized Side Mirror Lighting
Customizing an off-road or recreational vehicle with side-by-side side mirrors is easy when you partner withOGA LED. R8 series UTV side mirror lights are a turn-key kit containing the mirrors connected with tube mounting brackets before ex-factory, a wiring harness and a rocker switch for light mode switching, no trimming, cutting, or drilling is needed. You'll get all the benefits of OGA LED technology, including a waterproof all-aluminum alloy material housing and high-definition mirrors that help to enhance the field of view of what's behind. More

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