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People tend to ask a lot of questions when they wondering which type of headlights conversion upgrade is the best for their vehicle, HID or LED. We know for a fact that HID light bulbs work with almost everything, whether it is reflector headlight housing or projector headlight housing, it is undoubted the tried-and-true technology, but at the same time, it is also a mature technology that is not going to have a lot of changes. Whereas LED light bulbs are the emerging, evolving new technology that is changing every day. You probably guessed by now that we are going to recommend LED headlight conversion kits, for one obvious reason, we are an automotive LED lighting manufacturer, but also, the newest and the best high-end products are always exciting and considered worth the money.

There are thousands of designs of LED headlight conversion kits in the market, most of them may fit in some vehicles without issues, but that does not mean they can be installed in other cars. The headlamp housing structures vary from car to car, it is necessary to check if the bulb size can be matched. In addition, whether the car uses a reflector or a lens will also affect the performance of the LED conversion kit. Considering most modern cars equipped with a can-bus computer system, error-free LED headlight bulbs are becoming more important and popular. We develop OEM LED headlight conversion kits to replace stock bulbs in a super easy way. People does not want to worry about getting inappropriate products for their vehicles. With our vehicle-specific OEM LED bulbs, the installation on Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota 4runner, Toyota Highlander, Ford F-150, Jeep Grand Cherokee will be very simple.

There are other four main things to consider when choosing a headlight bulb: color temperature, illumination, beam pattern and components.
Color Temperature
After testing all the different LED color temperatures, we found 6,000k is the purest white that gives us the best lighting performance, 6,000K is also what most LED headlight bulbs claimed their color temperature is, and it is also what people want.
Lumens are the measurement of illumination, generally speaking, the stock halogen light bulb comes in at about 900 lumens of light, and if you replace it with a 50 watts LED headlight conversion kit, it would be getting about 5,000 lumens of light, and that is a massive increase.
Beam Pattern
With LED headlight bulbs, the LED chips are very unidirectional, which means the lights are only going to shine in the direction they were pointed at. And so, as a LED conversion kit, you cannot just put them in a reflector headlight housing or a projector headlight housing and expect them to work. Even if they are proven to work in certain headlight housings, they still need to be properly adjusted. Mimic the original beam pattern is one of the correct ways to adjust the LED headlight conversion kit. Having a tight control beam pattern not only means a brighter headlight but also means a safer headlight that prevents dangerous glace to oncoming drivers.
The LED chip, basic bulb, heat sink, heat dissipation fan, wiring and driver are all important components of a LED headlight conversion kit, the correct combination of these could create a LED headlight conversion kit that performs and last for a very long time. More

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