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Why Should You Choose OGA LED for Your Automotive Lighting?

Date:2023-10-23  Source:OGA
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With thousands of automotive LED lighting suppliers in the market, the decision to choose a supplier is a crucial one. Is your choice based on factors such as Quality, Price, Service, or Product Development Capabilities?
When it comes to quality, every supplier will claim to offer high-quality products. However, let me introduce you to OGA and how we ensure the quality of our products. We meticulously inspect 20% of raw material batches each time. If the defect rate exceeds 1%, we conduct a comprehensive check of the entire batch. For semi-finished products, all items are rigorously examined, and if the defect rate surpasses 1%, we immediately halt production and work on finding a solution within 24 hours. Our final products undergo a thorough aging test of over 2 hours, including waterproof testing for each item. We also subject at least 10% of each batch to high-voltage testing, high-temperature testing, stable voltage and temperature testing, salt fog testing, and more. Prior to shipment, we inspect the contents of every 10 cartons. We stand by our warranty promises and are committed to resolving any product-related issues. Maintaining stable, high-quality products lies at the core of our company culture.
In terms of pricing, we are confident that we can outperform the competition while maintaining the same level of quality and functionality. Why do we make this claim? It's because we have devoted over 14 years to this field, established a robust supply chain, and fostered loyal relationships with our coworkers. When you visit our office and factory, you'll notice the same familiar faces year after year. Our labor efficiency is at least three times higher than that of other companies.
Regarding service, we are dedicated to providing ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services. If you have any ideas, we're here to help bring them to life. We can also assist in designing custom products. For new products, we can provide a drawing within 1-2 weeks, and the price will be confirmed once you approve the drawing. The sample will be ready in 7-10 days after your approval. We are more than willing to assist with packaging design, photography, and promotional materials.
In terms of product development capabilities, we consistently introduce new products every month in recent years. Not only are these products introduced, but they also hold DOT, SAE and E-mark certifications. For DOT, SAE certifications, we developed and released the 3012 series pod lights. The 3012 Series auxiliary driving light passed SAE J581, while the 3012 Series auxiliary fog light and the 46 Series 10-inch LED Fog light bar passed SAE J583. As for E-mark certification, the 46 series 20-inch LED light bar received E24 R149, and the W series earned E57.
That's why we believe OGA LED is your best partner. We invite you to test our products and consider joining us. We look forward to your involvement.
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