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OGA's LED light mounting solutions provide a clean and easy way to mount lights. Available in many different configurations that allow you to mount LED light bars and LED work lights. You can choose from our universal light bar, work light mounts or vehicle-specific light mounting brackets that fasten to bumpers, windshield pillars or roofs. Whatever your needs, let us help you find the perfect LED lighting mounting for your vehicle that holds your new automotive LED light securely and provides the protection it deserves. From our auxiliary mounting brackets for Jeep, trucks, UTV, ATV and other vehicles, we are confident that you will find the perfect LED light bar mount, work light mount for your vehicle. Not only do we have one of the best selections of quality LED light bar mounts and work light mounts in the industry, but we also have the best pricing. If you are interested in an expansive selection of quality LED lighting mounts at an unbelievable price, contact OGA LED now for more info!

Mounting brackets provide the necessary support to securely install LED light bars and off-road LED work lights onto your vehicle. Check our generic and vehicle-specific mounting brackets below to make installation of OGA LED Lighting products quick and easy.
How Mounting Brackets are Used
Mounting brackets are essential to mounting lights onto your car or truck. These tools are often needed at a moment's notice and the mounting brackets make it possible to have all of these items at your fingertips. If you plan out the proper layout and installation for the light beforehand, it will be easier for you to access the tools you need to install the light.

OGA's vehicle-specific mount brackets are made to install the OGA LED light bar, 3-inch LED pods and other off-road work lights onto your car, and everything you need for the light bar or work light installation are already included.
Easy to install: Compatible with OGA light bars, it can be used to install OGA 3012 street legal LED Light Pods.
Stable and Durable: Enough screws to tight the LED light with the car cover tightly.

Choosing The Right Lighting Accessories For Your Vehicle
As you are selecting the hardware that is needed for your car, you will see that there are a few different styles of mounting brackets that are available to choose from. Do you have a hard time selecting the right mounting brackets for your vehicle? Contact us for more information about the many features and styles of our products that are available. More

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