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Regardless of the age of your LED light bar or the rocker switches wear out from use, while our 46 series street legal LED light bars retrofitting require additional light beam pattern control and a rocker switches panel upgrade as well. Many automotive LED lights have automotive rocker switches panels which are in constant use, if these show wear, replace them easily from OGA's great selection of rocker switches panels. When you need the replacement of automotive rocker switches or a new automotive switches panel for our 46 series SAE certificate LED light bar, come to us. OGA offers some of our thoughtful wire harnesses with a rocker switch as well. For the best quality LED light accessories, speak with one of our representatives.

As one of the most used styles in electrical applications, the rocker switch is very versatile even in the automotive industry. OGA offers several compatible switches for our automotive LED lighting. We offer illuminated rocker switches that control the beam pattern of the OGA 46 series DOT-approved LED light bar. OGA LED is sure to provide you with the best automotive rocker switch for your specific purpose. Our two-gang rocker switches panels and three-gang rock switch panels are designed for simplicity and compatibility.
High-quality Parts
Our black powder-coated steel faceplate is scratch-resistant with superior durability compared to plastic. The panel itself is very strong, durable, but not too bulky.
IP65 Waterproof
Sporting an Ip65 waterproof faceplate, premium automotive rocker switches are designed to keep dust and moisture away. What's more, the black steel faceplate can handle challenging off-road environments. The waterproof switch faceplate protects from dust and moisture as well, is great for anything automotive-related.
Easy Installation
Comes with helpful instructions to make wiring easy, you can check out our Youtube video about assembling tutorials as well. To control beam patterns of OGA 46 series multi-function DOT approved light bars, we match the C6F or C6H wiring harness and light bars, then connect the rocker switch panel and easily mount the panel into the car cab.
Many Uses
Switches panels are used everywhere. Automotive rocker switches are widely used in cars, trucks, golf carts and more. Essentially any type of vehicle that is mounted with an OGA 46 series street legal LED light bar will benefit from a premium LED rocker switches panel.
What Is Included
What comes with every two-rocker or three-rocker switch panel? Black steel faceplates are quite lightweight and you can customize the printed logo. The automotive switch panel has four rectangular cutouts and four pre-drilled mounting holes for quick mount. These OGA faceplates are designed with quality in mind.

OGA LED offers some of our wire harnesses with a rocker switch to bring power to the LED lights, the light beam pattern controller LED rocker switches panel and much more. If you have questions about automotive switches panels or wish to be an authorized wholesaler or a distributor just send us an inquiry to [email protected]. Remember to ask for our products category so you can apply it to future purchases. Contact us today! More

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