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The Thin LED Light Bar Trends
Have you noticed the 2021 Volkswagen Arteon's changes? On the outside, the four-door hatch gets a new lower valance design and grille, which can now be specified with a thin LED light bar that stretches between the accent lighting signature of the headlights. And you may have also noticed that the front of the Porsche Vision 920 features a pair of slim LED headlights. Much like the 919 Hybrid, that car also includes a thin LED light bar.

Investing in a LED light bar for truck, SUV, UTV or ATV is a great way of improving your forward night vision. They're designed to produce the brightest light that cuts through bad weather conditions and illuminate far into the road ahead of you. Brightness is one of the key factors that affected your buying decision but as long as it is over 10,000 Lumens, it'll be bright enough for the majority. Installation instruction can be very helpful but having the correct mounting hardware and wiring harness would be better.

As most LED light bars are designed to be used off-road, you'll want to pay particular attention to their build quality. Durable aluminum alloy housing, outer hardened flat PC lenses, and waterproof ratings are essential as well if you intend to use them off-road. Most LED light bars range from 6 to 50 inches, which is suitable for the majority of vehicles. Some off-road enthusiasts even install several LED light bars for even further illumination. You can even add a 3012 series wide flood 3” LED pod light to properly light up the rear of your vehicle as well.

When it comes to refitting your off-road lighting, it doesn't get much more advanced than the OGA LED 48 Series LED Light Bar, which is built to the highest of standards and available in lengths ranging from 12 to 50 inches.

These beautifully crafted LED light bars feature a state-of-the-art combo beam pattern to create the most suitable illuminating light spread. Boasting up to 50 LEDs, 300 Watts of power and 15,037 efficient lumens, these OGA LED light bars are available in several lengthy sizes to supply your rough rider with an insane amount of blinding brightness. Housed in durable extruded aluminum, your OGA LED 48 series LED Light Bar is constructed to be able to up against the worst off-road conditions.

To be seen one second ahead, your OGA LED 48 Series LED Light Bars are backed by two years Warranty and all the necessary mounting hardware included are required. They're eye-catching addition to any off-road vehicle. Coming in 9 sizes to thoughtfully fit a variety of vehicles.

When it comes to LED light bars, you do get how much you pay for. Sticking to the best LED light bar brands will ensure that you are not going to be left frustrating. We are the OGA LED, and we have far more to offer than what you see within this article. All of our products cover a broad range of budgets and are available in sizes from 3 to 50 inches. They are a great upgrade for all kinds of vehicles that do make a massive difference when driving at night and make massive improvements whilst off-roading too.
Bulk purchase from us, we're one of the very few automotive lighting suppliers that are capable of producing off road LED light bars as well as SAE/DOT approved LED light bars. More

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