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Difference Between Spot, Flood and Combo Beams?
At OGA LED, our LED work lights and LED off-road lights are available in three beam patterns: spot, flood, and combo beams. But how can we know the difference? Spot beams are meant to provide all the light to one specific area. When choosing a spotlight, the purpose is for long-range visibility, and so it will be a high-intensity refined spread of light. They’re often used to aid or refit headlights for brush trucks, off-roading, and other situations where the lighting in distance is a must. At a shorter distance, LED flood lights provide a much larger, wider spread of light. When it comes to light up a large area like a construction site, people tend to use flood light. When the light has the option for a combo beam, this light would be the mix of both worlds. Combo beam means the combination of spot beam and flood beam, it provides both spot and flood beams into one light for a wider spread and long-distance illumination.

A late-night/early-morning work shift is also called the graveyard shift, and there’s a reason for that. Low visibility, exhausted drivers, and reduced reaction times make late-night/early-morning the most dangerous time to work. Finishing the job and making it home in one piece requires nerves of steel, vigilance, and a couple of compact-sized LED work lights. Whether you need LED work lights for your security car, commercial truck or snowplow, protecting yourself with these high-intensity LED work lights for commercial and construction vehicles can massively improve your visibility and reduce the risk of permanently ending up on that graveyard shift.

And if the place you travel through is poorly lit, you may want to consider a hyper spot beam led work light. This type of light projects a strong and focused beam that tremendously lights up the area in the way you direct it. Normally, these lights can be adjusted, so you can point them in the direction you want.

And if you're going to be off-roading with these LED work lights, they need to be able to hold up a certain amount of vibration, impact, and a variety of extreme climates. And so, to make sure the LED work lights can last, we suggest you look for products that have outer hardened flat PC lenses and durable aluminum alloy housings and mounting brackets. Also, look for lights with an IP67 rating, which showcases that they are waterproof and dustproof. Also, remember to check if they have a real breathing valve to protect the LED work lights from moisture. Another feature to consider is if the products come with brackets. Color temperature is also important. And don’t forget to check if there's a warranty.

Having a bright enough spotlight can be crucial in inclement weather. Hyper spot beam led work lights are always significant to be prepared for any circumstance. These high-intensity LED work lights are great for off-road vehicles or those who work in law enforcement. Refit your car with our LED work light can be extremely helpful when you need it most - for the winter months, a snowplow needs super-bright road lights to ensure safety remains taken care of. Enhancing your visibility in the dark with one of our high-intensity 3” hyper spot beam led work lights is necessary. 5W Osram Automotive Grade small footprint LED chips are adopted for auxiliary hyper spot beam. We also use TIR projector optics to achieve a more controlled beam pattern. What’s more, we also use the highest-grade optical PC instead of PMMA to achieve long-lasting clarity. These small yet high-intensity auxiliary spot work lights can be easily attached to a Jeep, SUV, or another off-road vehicle. More

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