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The Importance of Beam Patterns
What Is SAE J583 and Why Does It Matter for LED Fog Light Bars?
SAE J583 is the official standard designation of the fog beam pattern by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), it specifies a super-wide beam beneath a flat horizontal cut-off allowing no light above it. This is extremely important in a fog application for various reasons. The first reason is that the purpose of the LED fog light bar is to put the light beam low and wide so that the driver can clearly see both sides of the road at low speed, while using the extremely bright LED light without causing the beam to break the horizon and reflect the light at the upcoming driver during extreme weather, like rain, fog, snow and dust, which significantly reduces the visibility. So that’s what the fog lights are mainly designed for. The clean cut-off beam also makes sure that this beam to be run in oncoming traffic without blinding oncoming drivers, unlike any other beam patterns like spot, flood, etc. If one beam pattern does not have cut-offs to run in oncoming traffic, then it should be considered for high beam use or off-road use only.

Fog Beam
Don’t let the thick fog or heavy rain prevent you from driving forward with confidence. SAE J583 certified and DOT approved, these 46 series street legal 6 inches and 10 inches fog light bars can shine through extreme heavy fog with their finest narrow fog beam so that you can clearly see the entire roadway. Safety driving in extremely bad weather is our goal, an advanced fog light bar with DOT/SAE compliant makes it easy to cut through bad weather conditions. 46 series LED fog light bars provide a low, wide-angle beam pattern that increases close-range visibility. The ideal beam pattern for lighting up pathways close to the ground in low visibility conditions. Refit your vehicle with the new OGA 46 series SAE street legal lights and enjoy outstanding auxiliary fog beam lighting performance.

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OGA’s SAE-compliant fog light bars allow them to be used on the road and not just off-road. SAE J583 allows us to offer auxiliary LED lights with legality for front fog lights. By complying with the Federal requirements, OGA LED light can now be used legally on the federal road system.

46 Series SAE Certified Light Bars
For you to safely and legally drive on the federal road system when nasty weather is thrown on your way. The 46 Series SAE Certified Light Bar is the first street-legal LED light offered by OGA LED. This light retains the same screwless front frame appearance as our 48, 49 Series off-road LED light bars, but the LED chips, the optics pattern, and circuitry are optimized to give these SAE lights on-road compliance! If you want to upgrade your daily driving experience, while still able to enjoy great output off-road, the 46 Series SAE LED light bars are suitable for you. More

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