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You're going to love this work light/light bar wiring harness. It is just plug-and-play. Once you get a new light and have it installed on your vehicle, all you need is this universal auxiliary wiring harness. You should carefully stuff the wiring in the vehicle, and plug the DT male plug of the vehicle wiring harness into the DT female plug of the light, then connect the LED light wiring harness with the power supply or the battery. This auto wiring harness comes pretty long just in case you actually need wiring that long, but you can either cut it or just wrap it and zip tie it. The only matter is that you might need to look for a spot for the switch to fit in your center console, or you will need to drill a hole for it.

If you want to put an OGA LED light on your vehicle, you will need the OGA universal auxiliary wiring harness. These universal automotive wiring harnesses are designed to control the power of one or two lights without having to splice wires. In theory, any 12V vehicle battery would work on this universal wire harness. It features one or two DT connectors for the lights to be connected to the power source. It incorporates a waterproof switch, a 12V relay and an inline fuse holder. This harness is compatible with most OGA LED Lights:
- Universal fit: Compatible with all automobiles and devices equipped with a 12-volt power source.
- Early Burnout Protection: LED Lights are not cheap and should be protected against early burnouts. OGA LED light bar wiring harnesses to achieve this by using 14 or 18 American Wire Gauge (AWG) cables that better control against voltage spikes and heat. The last line of defense against it would be the included relay and fuse.
- One or two 2-Pin DT connectors: The wiring harness with one 2-pin DT connector work with one LED work light or LED light bar less than 288W. While the one with two 2-pin DT connectors works with two LED work lights or LED light bars maximum, and each LED light needs to be less than 60W.
- 3 meters of wiring: The length of these OGA Wire Harnesses will allow you to mount your LED light to nearly anywhere you want.
- Weather Resistant Protection: OGA wire harnesses are waterproof and can withstand any rain and moisture while still powering on. Ideal for outdoor use, OGA wire harnesses are for those looking for a heavy-duty harness that's as rugged as their 4x4/ATV/Sand Rail.

Selecting the proper electrical wiring material is very important in automotive applications. In automotive environments, you have variables like heat, vibration, and chemical exposure. If the wire and cable assemblies are not fabricated to withstand these situations, the damaged wires could lead to failures, in extreme cases could cause fires. You must never use household wires in vehicles, only wires fabricated for automotive specifications.

As one of the professional automotive auxiliary LED lighting manufacturers, OGA LED we offer automotive-grade wiring solutions to our customers. We are committed to high-quality wire harnesses within your budget. More

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