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What is the purpose of daytime running lights? Is it really a piece of equipment that does not matter?

Nowadays, there is a light in most cars that cannot be turned off. Of course, you can turn off the engine to turn this light off. What we talk about is the daytime running light, which is turned on by default when you start the engine. This daytime running light has become a standard configuration in the European Union, and there are relevant regulatory requirements all over the world.

The Functions of Daytime Running Lights
Daytime running light is a typical passive safety configuration that a lot of you guys have not realized its practical value yet. When vehicles enter any tunnel, by just observing the road condition through the rear-view mirror, it is way easier for you to spot the vehicle equipped with a daytime running light. Meanwhile, the vehicle without daytime running light is almost invisible. Of course, it is just one scenario. In some other scenarios, the value of the daytime running light can still be found, especially in a poorly lit area. And so, the daytime running lights do matter, it is very practical. It's just that the daytime running light is a passive safety configuration, you don't have to act, to turn it on, and so its safety function is often ignored!

These daytime driving lights are totally different from high beams and low beams, they are not used to light up the road, but to make it easier for other drivers to spot the vehicles. Therefore, do not confuse daytime running lights with other light sources. Daytime running lights are used to make the vehicle itself more visible in the environment of poor visibility or long distance. The difference with fog light lies in that the function of the fog light is to light through the thin fog for you to be able to see the surroundings more clearly, while the daytime running light is to remind other vehicles to keep distance. OGA's newly launched LED Grille Lights are designed based on this purpose and specially presented for Jeep Wrangler JL and JK. Using white LED grille lights or amber LED grille lights to make your vehicle conspicuous to other drivers on the road. By Using No more than 110LM, these lights not only ensure driving safety but also avoid dazzling the oncoming drivers.

A Hybrid of Practical, Beautiful and Energy-saving
In the early days, the daytime running light was only for safety consideration, while nowadays, the designers of major vehicle brands found that the daytime running light could not only improve driving safety but also integrate the design language and various design elements. From then on, the daytime running light began to evolve towards a stylish look. From a practical point of view, today's daytime running light has become a standard decoration element, it also improves the appearance of the vehicle. OGA LED's LED Grille Lights for Jeep Wrangler offer black or amber housing color as options, making your vehicle out of the ordinary! And in terms of energy consumption, because of the use of OEM LED light, the energy consumption is very low. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the energy consumption of daytime running lights, because it is almost negligible!

In a word, its birth has greatly improved driving safety, upgraded the appearance of vehicles and made them look more high-end; As for whether it can be turned off, you don't need to care, because its energy consumption is very low, and so if it can't be turned off, you can just leave it be. And since nowadays the EU regulations require the daytime running light must always be on, and so, normally, it is against the transportation law to turn it off! More

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