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When talking about the automotive lighting industry, we all know that the mainstream light sources are HID xenon and halogen. However, LED light source has emerged as a major player, although its technology is not yet fully mature, the leading technology of the automotive lighting industry will undoubtedly be LED light source. So, compared to the previous two types of light sources, what are the advantages of LED light sources?

1. Energy-saving and The Cost of Manufacturing Keeps Reducing Year After Year
The luminous efficiency of LED light is relatively higher, almost as twice much as a fluorescent lamp. When we compare the lights used in-house, the energy-saving ability of the light emitting diode is going to be around one time better than the incandescent lamp, and the emitting diode is around three-time energy-saving than incandescent lamp. It’s the same when it comes to the automotive industry lighting. With the same light output, the energy consumption of a LED light only accounts for 1/5 of a halogen light. According to the statistics, the cost of manufacturing LED lights is at around a 20% sharp decline per year.

2. Longer Lifespan
For now, the average lifespan of automotive LED lights can reach more than 8,000 hours, with superior craftsmanship like us, great LED light suppliers can provide LED components with a lifespan over 30,000 hours, which means once you mounted them on, you might not need to replace them for many years.

3. Extremely Durable
The structure of LED lights is often very simple, but their impact resistance and shock resistance are very good due to the high-quality aluminum outer housing, there’s no need to worry about the LED light bulbs being easily broken, it can be well adapted to a variety of harsh environments.

4. LED Chips Are Small and Easy to Place
LED chips are very small and can be designed and placed in a very convenient way which is a great advantage. These LED chips cater to the needs of vehicle manufacturers' design, breaking the traditional automotive lighting system, creating a new lighting system modeling, so that we could have the perfect lighting.

5. Instant Start
LED lights start up super-fast, almost instantly, the start-up time of the halogen lamp is 2s, and xenon lamp is 6-8s and LED lamp is 0.01S, LED lights have been used in vehicle tail lights and turn signals, and that’s because they can be instantly turned on, so they can play such an important role as a warning sign. And that’s why LED lights are safer and more effective than HID xenon lights and halogen lights.

6. Lesser Light Loss
The brightness of LED lights is pretty high, and their brightness decay of the light is much lower than halogen lights, which makes them suitable for use in the automotive industry as headlights, brake lights, turn signals, auxiliary lights and taillights, etc.

7. Can Be Turned On with Low Voltage Current
LED lights only need low-voltage DC to be turned on, and they required a small load, with strong anti-interference, and its environment requirements are also relatively low, they do not need a ballast which HID xenon lights do.

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