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LED work lights provide a terrific amount of light while drawing very little power, which makes them the ideal choice for people who rely on work lights extensively. From OGA LED, you can enjoy a 2-year manufacturer warranty on all our general LED lighting products, including economic LED work lights, SAE compliant pod lights, SAE compliant light bars and off-road light bars etc. Welcome to contact us now, our professional sales rep will recommend the most suitable products from our massive collection of wholesale LED work lights! Besides manufacturing our own lines of LED work lights, OGA also helps our customers design and develop OEM LED products under their brands. If we don't have what you are looking for, please leave us a message, we'll do our best to meet your demand.

What are economic LED work lights? Several industries require a low-priced way to illuminate a construction site. The technology of the LED light is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way to achieve these results, using 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. Since they produce almost no heat, it’s a product that suits nearly every business. And since they’re IP67 certificated waterproof, you’re able to use them in a variety of extreme weather. The reviewers are amazed by these affordable LED work lights, and love them being compact and bright.

12V LED Work Lights/ 24V LED Work Lights
Our range of high-quality 9-36V LED work lights and mini light bars offers an assortment of sizes and wattage. The round LED work lights and slim LED work light bars are available in 12w, 16w, 18w, 28w, 32w, 48w and 140 watts varieties. There are 3', 4', 6' and 9' sizes for options. They offer an IP67 waterproof rating and come with an adjustable mount bracket, flush mount is available for 6' mini light bar.

Best Cheap LED Work Light
You can save some money with these Economic LED Work Lights, which give off a range of lumens of light output from 510LM to 10000LM. The floodlight-style unit gives off a super bright white flood light, and with the amber light LED work lights available as well to adjust extreme weather like rain and snow.

Heavy Duty Work Lights
OGA LED we have been dedicating to produce high-quality heavy-duty LED work lamps to customers who require high-intensity lighting and best build quality. Our heavy-duty work lights are built with OSRAM 5W P8 and 20W KW LED chips, which provide massive advantages over halogen lighting. Our heavy-duty work lights are super bright and feature an optimized compact build, suitable for off-road vehicles, ATV, UTV, mining, construction, utility trucks, semi-trucks, RVs, agricultural vehicles and emergencies. Take a good look at the specific product specifications of our wholesale LED work lights. These powerful heavy-duty LED work lamps provide brilliant lighting to illuminate your off-road riding or construction site at night. Here at OGA LED, you can get cost-effective heavy-duty work lights at a good cost. Please view the specifications of our products to get additional details on voltage, watts, lumens, dimensions, and warranty.

Are You Ready to Meet One of The Best Round LED Work Lights Manufacturers?
OGA LED Automotive Lighting has been in the business of helping customers all over the world find the most effective LED work light products. If you need help in starting your business as a LED work light wholesaler, contact our team today so that we can help you choose the best solution. More

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