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360 INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED is our company name, we have been dedicated to automotive LED lighting since our company was founded in 2009. Since 2019, we have set up a high-level department exclusively for developing high-end street-legal LED pod lights and light bars. We developed a new brand focusing on street-legal pod lights and light bars, auxiliary driving lights and off-road work lights. Therefore, OGA was born.

OGA automotive lighting manufacturer


The story of OGA

Our story begins with one of our clients' off-road driving experience in the evening. He was driving through a rural area without street lights, the sky was getting dark and the road became completely devoid of light. He turned on the headlights, tried to gain some visibility for safer driving. However, he was facing rugged roads and the stock halogen bulbs couldn't meet the lighting demand for off road driving. Filled with fear, the expected half-hour drive eventually took him an hour and a half to finish.

In order to meet our clients' demands for a safer and better off road and on road driving experience, we founded the new automotive LED lighting brand, OGA.

"O" stands for "Optimal", optimal products, optimal services and optimal solutions.
"G" stands for "Growing", continuously growing product categories and growing with our clients.
"A" stands for "Advanced", advanced innovative technology.

The brand's philosophy is to never stop pursuing advanced innovative technology, maintaining continuously growing product categories, and growing together with our customers. OGA' s customers and OGA team together develop optimal products for the market, with optimal services and optimal solutions.



To meet customers' demand in automotive lighting


Be a global supplier of automotive lighting products


Innovation, Hard work, Happiness, Gratitude, Share growth, and Share wealth


  • Quick action

    OGA team spends every minute focusing on what our customers demand including learning from the best. OGA team will stand firm behind you and spare no effort to solve it.

  • Lightning delivery

    Dedicated to automotive lighting for 11 years, OGA is well-experienced for manufacturing plan making and transportation selecting, which ensures real lightning delivery.

  • Quick after-service

    Good customer service needs to be fast, friendly and effective. Whole OGA team will serve you and give a guide to complete procedure within 24 hours.

  • Moderate price

    As a leader of automotive LED lighting industry, with rich experience as support, by increasing our product categories, we can achieve significant cost benefits. Win-win cooperation will lead us the best way to stand in the market!

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