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Is There a Manufacturer Produces High-quality and Street Legal LED Light Bar

Yes! OGA LED should be your ideal choice. The Auxiliary LED Lighting Market is full of LED Light Bars for Off-Road use only. It’s not easy to find some Street Legal or SAE/DOT LED light bars – Here, in this article, we’ll break down some key guidelines for you to search for legally compliant lighting.

In North America, automobile lamps should legally compliant with the governing standards. For the United States, there’s the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108, also known as the FMVSS108. For Canada, there’s the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108, also known as the CMVSS108. Also, for Canada, the E-code or the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) marked standards are generally accepted as well. But there're exceptions, the E-code is not accepted by the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Generally, two types of LED light bars satisfy SAE/DOT Standards, the auxiliary driving lights and the auxiliary fog lights. For one LED light bar to get the SAE/DOT approval, it should be able to feature specific controlled beam patterns, light output color, wattage requirements and installation requirements. And the installation requirement being: all auxiliary lights should be installed at or below the level of your headlights. Some jurisdictions require wiring direct to the high beam, doing so, you wouldn’t forget to turn off the LED light bars.

If you refit your car with street-legal LED light bars, how can the DOT laws officer tells if it is legal or not. Well, auxiliary LED driving lights, should feature the SAE Y J581 symbols engraved into their lens, and so, auxiliary LED fog lights should feature the SAE F J583 symbols engraved into their lens as well. For SAE/DOT approval auxiliary LED driving lights, they’re legal for all road systems to use to accentuate with the original factory headlight high beam operation. They’re purposely dim for not blinding the oncoming traffic. For auxiliary fog lights, they’re used in extreme weather and normally operate with the original factory low beam headlights or fog lights.

The E-Mark Certified Lights are oftentimes auxiliary driving lights, they feature a longer range, spot pattern that some drivers find preferable to the SAE/DOT specifications, these driving lights should also be dimmed with oncoming traffic.

The OGA DOT/SAE Certified 46 Series Street Legal Light Bars (Combo)
Combo means the OGA 46 series LED light bar comes with two or three types of beam patterns, and with our multi-function wiring harness, it could output up to two or three types of distinct beam patterns – auxiliary high beam, auxiliary fog light and strobe light with controllable 3 flashing modes for warning signals. The 46 series 20’’ combo LED light bar, it’s what we called Revolutionary all in one 20 inches multi-function led light bar, and it’s the only combo LED light bar that features 3 different functions. For the 6’’ and 10” version, the combo means the light bar combines two functions, one is auxiliary fog light, and the other is stroke light for warning signals. More

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