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What Is a LED Flush Mount light?
When mounted, it sits flush with the mounting surface, that’s how the LED flush mount light got its name. Then by using exterior mounting bolts, the LED light is nicely secured to the mounting surface. It’s very different from how a standard LED Cube light is mounted.

What Makes LED Flush Mount Light Special?
If you don’t want a LED light pod to protrude from your vehicle, an LED flush mount light is your only choice. Our flush mount LED light pods are rather smaller lights, frequently used in bumpers, grilles, on the hood or roof. They can be used as front bumper lighting for trucks and jeeps, as reverse lights, work lights and headache rack lights.

The pros and cons of installing OGA LED flush mount lights are pretty clear.
Your vehicle is going to look super neat after the installation is complete, and that’s because the LED flush mount light pods do not protrude from your vehicle. They blend perfectly as opposed to standard LED cube lights which can become a focal point. And that isn’t exactly what you would want, because you want people to notice your vehicle, not the lights. The lights not extending from your vehicle also come with the benefit of safety, because you don’t have to worry about bumping into the LED lights and minding not to snag anything on the light. Cons:
The biggest disadvantage of LED flush mount light pods would be the time-consuming process of installation. You need to drill some mount holes if you want to install a LED flush mount light, and you may even need to cut a hole that is large enough for the light to fit in. And once the lights were mounted, you can’t change the direction of the beam, and so you need to plan thoroughly before installing these lights.

OGA LED is one of the top automotive lighting suppliers of developing quality LED pods in the industry. Our LED flush mount products has a compact size of 3' and they come in a variety of shapes, light colors and beam patterns. Square mount, round and flush are available. And flood LED light pods can be used for reverse lights. The durability of our 3012 Series cube LED pod lights are top-rated, and they’re extremely versatile. They’re compact, you can easily mount this powerful LED light anywhere you want if you’re good with hands. We have a quality control and quality assurance team in our lab to ensure our LED pod lights are of the highest quality available. These flush mount LED lights give out an unimaginable amount of light, so don't let their compact appearance fool you! We have a huge collection and we are confident that you will find some LED light pods that are right for you. If you are unable to find what you need, feel free to contact us for more information. And if you want to bulk purchase, contact us for product categories at wholesale price. If you are interested in starting your business as an automotive LED lights wholesaler, choose OGA LED as your automotive LED lights supplier! More

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