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What Precautions You Should Be Ware of Before Install LED Lights

Date:2021-04-27  Source:OGA
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When we're on the road, chances of witnessing the lights of a car that has been refitted are quite many, especially off-road vehicles. We have to admit, they look away cooler after the car light adaptations. And they're also safer to use in the wild fields, but you need to have the notion that you can't modify them indiscriminately. Especially when it comes to your own safety, you must be more cautious. Today, we'll list down the precautions that you should be aware of when refitting the LED off road lights for vehicles.
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When refitting LED off-road lights, the bracket must be firm. If you plan to install them on the roof, you must not be scare of using drilling and electric welding. You must make the installation stable by the hand of experienced mechanics, especially the high-power and heavy lights. The stability of the LED lights must be guaranteed. And within the status of stability, it should be as good-looking as possible. You should know that, normally, some car lights will come with a bracket, just like our products. Check out our latest product if you're interested in refitting a LED off road light. If the bracket is not good enough, there're also manufacturers specializing in off-road car light brackets. But you should expect that the price is going to be a bit higher. But for the sake of being able to ensure good-looking and stability, it's still worth choosing.
If the selected LED off-road light is of high power, you need to consider if your car's battery capacity will be enough. If the capacity of the car's battery is too small, you need to consider replacing it with a larger one. Or you can refit all of the car lights with LED lights, in that way, you could save a lot of power for your car light adaptions. When the LED off road light is connected to the car power supply, installing an independent fuse and switch is necessary. The LED light bar that you install on the roof of your vehicle, its power wiring harness is equipped with a waterproof plug. Then you need to bandage the wiring harness and route the wires into the car. When routing the wires, you should consider avoiding pressing the wires while open and close the door of your vehicle. And you should not reserve too many wires outside the car to avoid accidental scratching something.
Before mounting LED light bars, or LED work lights, we suggest you connect all components on a test bench to verify all functions work properly. After the installation is complete, you need to power test the LED lights again, and then adjust the angle of the LED lights. Generally speaking, the illumination distance of all types of led lights for vehicles is about 50-150 meters. After adjusting the angle of the LED lights, you need to tighten the mounting screws. During daily use of the vehicle, regular maintenance is necessary, like checking if the screws are loose.


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