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Best ATV/UTV LED Light Bar to Light Up Your Night

Date:2021-04-27  Source:OGA
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Ride into the night with a new LED light bar for ATV/UTV.

Having the right ATV/UTV LED light bar means the fun doesn't have to stop even after the sun goes down. We'll introduce you to the best ATV/UTV LED lights in the business that will allow you to keep playing till the sun comes up.

Navigating through the heavy bush, around tight corners, and across swampy ponds are nothing that an ATV/UTV can't handle. Yet the original lighting on most UTVs and ATVs leaves much to be desired, installing a quality ATV/UTV LED light bar can make a world of difference if you're out the roads after the sun goes down.

With so many brands making ATV/UTV LED light bars, you have the opportunity to select one that is simple to install (universal mounts), assembled with top-of-the-line parts, and might even come with a wiring harness and switch for a near original factory look. A combination of spot and flood optics would be the best, broadening the range of the visible light giving you increased distance and width to see easily into and around corners.
LED light bars for vehicles

OGA 48 & 49 Series LED Light Bars

OGA LED Light Factory makes top-of-the-line ATV/UTV LED lights bars – the OGA 48 & 49 Series in particular is among the best ATV/UTV LED lights available today. These LED lights bar had been optimized to the edge from the start of their design, I'll list down three reasons why you should choose this brand.

1. No screw on the front frame design

This design will provide a better waterproof, better performance, and less air resistance.
Because there's no screw, its border around the screen of the light bar is much thinner, not only it's better looking, but also means it gets less corrosion from the water and rain, and faster heat dissipation on the front of the light bar bezel.

2. Optimized optical design

It features a combination of spotlights and floodlights for maximum visibility while riding, and the reflector has been improved for higher efficiency and beam pattern. And inside the light bar, it's the P8 LED chips from OSRAM, which means it will have the optimized performance in the same grade as all ATV/UTV LED light Bars.
We have a straight and slightly curved version available, which means you'll have multiple placement choices. And there're two mounting options for the straight version: side mounting brackets and sliding bottom mounting brackets.

3. Optimized integrated design

The back of the light bar has also been redesign, its width is much shorter than the other brands, so it has a much better balance weight now. Its slim low profile means better fitment and handy installation for you to place them in the bumper or the grills of your vehicles. The design of the LED thermal system has also been redesigned for the highest light efficiency and lifespan.

The difference between the 48 and 49 series is just that 48 series have a single row combo beam, and the 49 series are dual. Other than that, their features are the same. If you want to learn more, check out the OGA 48 & 49 Series LED light bars.
I do think that the 48 and 49 series LED light bars are the most optimized design from every aspect. Alright, so, have you check out our latest products yet? Whatever you think, send us a message, let us know.


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