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Reuniting in Russia: CN360LED Returns with a New Brand - OGA!

Date:2023-08-11  Source:OGA
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It's been three years since the last time we visited Russia, and the excitement is palpable as CN360LED gears up to touch base once again. With memories of old friends and the anticipation of making new ones, this journey promises to be special. But that's not all – this visit comes with an exciting twist as we proudly unveil a new addition to our lineup: introducing OGA!

A New Dawn with OGA: Shining Bright Together

As we set our sights on the Russian landscape once more, we're not arriving empty-handed. This time, we're bringing more innovation, more quality, and more lighting solutions. CN360LED has always been about pushing boundaries, and the introduction of OGA takes that mission further.

Innovative Illumination: Unveiling Our Latest Lineup

We believe in setting new standards, and our latest product range is a testament to that commitment. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:
1. E-mark Certified LED Headlight Bulbs (CN360LED): Our commitment to road safety continues with E-mark certified LED headlight bulbs. Experience exceptional visibility while ensuring you comply with the highest automotive standards.
2. Canbus SMD LED Signal Bulbs (CN360LED): Say goodbye to flickering and compatibility issues with our Canbus SMD LED signal bulbs. Stay ahead on the road while enjoying the reliability you deserve.
3. Street Legal / Offroad Auxiliary Driving Lights (OGA): OGA enters the scene with a bang, offering street legal auxiliary driving lights that seamlessly transition to off-road prowess when needed. Versatility and performance rolled into one.
4. Dual Color Motorcycle / UTV Auxiliary Lights (OGA): Illuminate your rides like never before with OGA's dual-color motorcycle and UTV auxiliary lights. Whether it's the urban jungle or the dusty trails, OGA has you covered.
5. EMC Approved LED Work Lights (OGA): When work demands reliable illumination, OGA's EMC approved LED work lights rise to the occasion. Get the job done without compromises.

Join Us on this Journey: Your Invitation Awaits

This isn't just about products; it's about connections. We're thrilled to invite you to our booths at two prominent events:
- MIMS automechanika MOSCOW  
  Pavilion F, F925  
  August 21-24, 2023
  Hall 5, D308  
  August 22-25, 2023
Your presence matters, and we're excited to share our passion, our innovation, and our commitment with you. Whether you're an old friend or someone we're yet to meet, your visit would make these events truly unforgettable. 

Plan Your Visit: Let Us Know!

To help us prepare for your visit and ensure you have the best experience, do let us know if you're planning to drop by. Your feedback and engagement drive us to excel, and we want to make sure your time with us is valuable.

Lighting the Path Ahead

As CN360LED returns to Russia after three years, we're not just bringing products; we're bringing a promise to light up your journey. With OGA by our side, the road ahead is even brighter. Join us in celebrating innovation, quality, and the joy of reunions at MIMS automechanika MOSCOW and INTERAUTO. Together, let's illuminate possibilities!


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