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Is it necessary to install a dual-color light bar?

Date:2022-07-25  Source:OGA
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dual-color LED light bar wholesale
Why do we need it?
Vehicle manufacturers often use yellow/amber light for fog light to provide better visibility in poor circumstances, because yellow light has better penetrating ability in bad weather such as rain and fog. For the same reason, some people who like off-road driving choose to add yellow or amber work lights even though having white auxiliary lights on their vehicles, because it is perilous to drive without good visibility in bad weather. They also believe that it is worth spending the extra money to buy and install at least 1 pair of yellow/amber color work lights.
Some other people might choose to add yellow lens covers to the auxiliary LED work light, but this way could cause some other kind of danger. Stop in the middle of off-roading to snap on work light lenses, with poor visibility other drivers might accidentally crash on you. Adding an extra cover to the light also means a certain amount of light will be lost, which is filtered out by the cover.
Although those methods can solve the illumination problem in dark or bad weather, they are not the optimal options. Our 54 dual-color LED light bar could be conveniently switched to yellow light and avoid the waste of money and energy or increase the risk of being crashed.
If you want to know more about the advantages of 54 dual-color light bars, please keep reading this article.
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What is a dual color light bar?
OGA 54 series dual color light bar equips LED chips that integrate two types of color, amber and white. Along with our matched wiring harness with switches, anyone can sit in the car and easily turn on the amber light and white light separately or simultaneously. Various sizes are available: 10, 13.5, 20, 30, 40, and 50 inches, allowing people to install them on bull bars, grills, engine hoods and roof racks (etc.) for different purposes. Furthermore, it has 3 conspicuous features that distinguish it from any other competitors: excellent housing design, high quality half convex reflector, and innovative heat dissipation hole. 
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Housing design/ Screwless front frame Slim design
The most obvious difference from the other light bars is that 54 uses a screwless front frame. Regardless of 10-inch lengths or 50-inch lengths, you wouldn't see any screws in the front. It requires advanced manufacturing technology and machinery to achieve perfect die-casting molding and sealing. As a result, the waterproof and rustproof capacity also surpass others, because more screw hole means easier to get water damage and rust. Another innovative appearance design is the low profile housing. The housing thickness is much thinner than other light bars in the market, which is about 30% lower than many regular light bars in the market. Benefited from the low profile housing and low bracket, it can be installed in limited spaces like grills or bumpers, and the weight is also reduced to be steady fixation even driving on rugged roads.
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Half convex reflector
54 series adopt half convex reflector optic instead of reflective cups. But why? What's the difference? 
First of all, the beam pattern is more precise. With careful adjustment and testing during the development process, the reflected light is directly concentrated in the middle in a trapezoid shape. It will bring you a wide angle of illumination nearby as well as a further distance illumination. The driving safety factor is undoubtedly higher than the traditional reflective cup, which can only reflect spot or flood light.
Second, the luminous efficiency is higher. Because the LED is area-light emitting, the half convex reflector could reflect the light to the road with one reflection, reducing the wastage, while the reflective cup will reflect some light more than once leading to some wastage. In general, the half convex reflector is more efficient to reflect light than a reflective cup. 
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Heat dissipation hole
There is an inconspicuous design that plays an important role in heat dissipation. Besides the traditional heat sink at the back, both side caps come with heat dissipation holes, the space between two holes is empty, allowing hot air to come out and cold air to go in. It is isolated from the inside of the lamp body, therefore, the water won't go into the light bar through the hole. When driving fast, the air will interchange heat faster. The basic theory is simply the same opening windows when driving will lower the temperature inside the car. Better heat dissipation maintains a low working temperature and thus leads to high power and high lumen output.
OGA is always in the leading position to develop innovative off-road lighting. Excellent housing design, high quality half convex reflector and innovative heat dissipation hole only express a part of our advanced design and manufacturing technology. Please check out more high-quality light bars/work lights on our website.


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