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Auxiliary Driving and Fog Lights for Motorcycles

Date:2023-05-08  Source:OGA
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Hi guys, OGA is pleased to introduce the MT20 Series 2" Motorcycle Auxiliary Driving and Fog Lights with good feedback from the market to you.

Why did we develop MT20?

In recent years, the market has seen an increase in the number of electric and gas motorcycles, some of which are used for transportation and others for off-road use. People always have to turn on the headlights when it gets dark, but the brightness and illuminating range of the original headlight are far from satisfying the rider's requirements, and some motorcycles do not have original headlights, which makes driving at night a lack of safety. In order to improve the brightness and illuminating range, riders will choose to replace the original halogen bulbs with LED bulbs or install a pair of auxiliary LED lights. Most people prefer to install a pair of auxiliary LED lights to increase brightness and illuminating range at night.
End users can buy motorcycle auxiliary lights at an affordable price on Amazon and AliExpress easily, and wholesalers can find them from many suppliers easily as well. Although there are many types of motorcycle auxiliary LED lights on the market, there are very few high-quality, cost-effective, and competitive options. In order to make wholesalers more competitive and enable customers to get high-performance motorcycle auxiliary LED lights at an affordable price, the OGA R&D team focusing on vehicle auxiliary lighting decided to develop the MT20 Series 2" Motorcycle Auxiliary Driving and Fog Lights.
Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycles
The MT20 has a ton of features, including dual color, high brightness, compact size, and easy installation.

Two versions are optional.

This version of the single motorcycle light is connected to the power supply of the original headlight and controlled by the original Hi/Lo switch. There are two beam patterns: yellow low beam and yellow low beam plus white high beam.
The version of motorcycle lights for kits is connected to the battery, allowing for easy switching of the beam pattern by using the wiring harness with switch panel. There are three beam patterns: yellow low beam, white high beam, and yellow low beam plus white high beam.


Single Motorcycle Light

Motorcycle Lights For Kit

What’s Included

1 X LED Motorcycle Light

1 X Bottom Mounting Bracket

1 X Bar Clamp Mounting Bracket

1 X Harness with Controller

Mounting Hardware

2 X LED Motorcycle Lights

2 X Bottom Mounting Brackets

2 X Bar Clamp Mounting Brackets

1 X Harness with Controller + Switch

Mounting Hardware

Beam Pattern

Yellow Low Beam

Yellow Low Beam + White High Beam

Yellow Low Beam

White High Beam

Yellow Low Beam + White High Beam

Auxiliary LED Lights for Motorcycles
Dual color: yellow for low beam and white for high beam. The original Hi-Lo beams are both white. Compared with the original bulb, the MT20 has stronger penetration on foggy and rainy days, keeping riders safer.
Dual-Color Auxiliary Light
High brightness and energy savings. The MT20 is brighter and more energy-efficient than the original bulb. The brightness of the MT20 is twice that of the original halogen bulb, and the light efficiency is higher. The MT20 has a high-power 20W LED chip and glass lens, producing 1543 LM (20W) per light; the light efficiency is 75.71 LM/W. The original car halogen bulb is around 700 LM (35 W) per light, and the light effect is about 20 LM/W.
The luminous efficiency of MT20 is much higher than that of a halogen bulb, making it an energy-saving design.
Speaking of the glass lens, we use that one with a light transmittance of over 92% as the optics. Compared with the acrylic lens on the market, the glass lens can maximize light sources, reduce light loss, and resist high working temperatures.
LED Motorcycle Lights
Simple installation. MT20 is very compact, only 2", and fits 0.75"-1.25" bar clamps. We make both a flat mounting bracket and a bar clamp mounting bracket for each light. The MT20 has installation holes in four directions, making the installation more flexible and easy.
LED Auxiliary Light
Intelligent prevention of power loss in the wiring harness. We made an intelligent wiring harness for the version of motorcycle lights in the kit to reduce power loss. The ultra-low quiescent current minimizes power consumption without powering on. In this way, the motorcycle can enjoy a longer battery life.
We have received good feedback from the market since MT20 was launched in November 2022.
1. Many wholesalers who have tested MT20 have started to place a trial order to test their market.
2. Some professional wholesalers put forward their ideas and customized MT20 to come.
According to the current feedback from the market, we believe that the MT20 will definitely have better sales in the near future. We welcome all professional motorcycle auxiliary lighting wholesalers from all over the world to contact us for cooperation.


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