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Do you know why OGA launched out auxiliary high beam driving light?

Date:2020-12-11  Source:OGA
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Since 2015, more and more led headlight bulb are used by vehicles. They are more safe than HID and halogen bulb. 

But there is a big issue that the high beam is too high and don't focus on the road. For sure, we are keeping updating different kinds of led headlight bulbs to slove this issue. but it is only little bit improved. So that's why we launched out 3012 cube led pod light and 46 led light bar.
Here are the pictures of light effect for 3012 cube led pod light and 46 led light bar.

3012 auxiliary high beam46 auxiliary high beam

Both of them passed DOT SAE certificates.

SAE certificates

For the 46 led light bar, there are side bracket and bottom bracket 2 style installation method.

Side mounts bottom mounts


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